Bulwell Arts Festival’s first Craft Fair Tesco Bulwell

Did anyone visit Tesco last Sunday to see all the lovely crafters and their beautiful displays.

We hope to work with Tesco throughout the year and put on more craft fairs so please look out for future dates.

Thank you to all the craft stall holders for supporting our first craft Fair. We hope you enjoyed joining us as much as we enjoyed arranging it!

Thanks also to everyone who came and bought some goodies and supported handmade businesses!

FB_IMG_143639794330220150705_114912FB_IMG_1436397973392FB_IMG_1436397948993    FB_IMG_1436397977729 FB_IMG_1436397994928 FB_IMG_1436398012712 FB_IMG_1436398049045 FB_IMG_1436398063725 FB_IMG_1436398067137 FB_IMG_1436398082890 FB_IMG_1436398087691 FB_IMG_1436398092525 FB_IMG_1436398117353 FB_IMG_1436398120557

FB_IMG_1436397954733 FB_IMG_1436398049045 FB_IMG_1436398092525 FB_IMG_1436398102456 FB_IMG_1436398107484 FB_IMG_1436398111868


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