Nottingham Wind Ensemble – Music for a summers evening!

Conduted by Stewart Drummond  7pm Bulwell Academy  Tickets £6 from the Nottingham Windblowers 0115 9410543

The Nottingham Wind Ensemble (NWE) was established in 1987 as a small group of clarinets and flutes. Since then it has grown to a full-sized community wind band, made up of mixed ages and abilities, and providing a great environment to develop ensemble playing skills.  Of the many players who have joined over the years, some have moved on to more advanced groups, but many more find their niche within this friendly group and enjoy the high standard of music making that the group produce.

NWE perform a wide variety of concerts every year to help raise money for local charities and community projects, and in 2001 they won a silver award in the community class at the National Concert Band Championships.  Since their formation, NWE have been sponsored by Windblowers, Nottingham’s premier music shop.

wind ensemble 1


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