3 thoughts on “2016 Bulwell Arts Festival 9th-16th July

    1. Hello Debra, Thank you for your enquiry. This Years Bulwell Arts Festival will be from 9th-16th July. We are still in early stages so a Programme will not be avaliable until atleast mid May. However we do have a few things confirmed. We are teaming up with the Bulwell Academy and their fun day for our opening event on Saturday the 9th July and also a craft fair that will be held on Saturday 16th at Tesco in Bulwell . If you are a Artist or make things and wish to get involved or would like a stall then please get in touch. If you would like to be a volunteer and help at various events then please drop me an email @ NicolaCurzonArts@gmx.co.uk and I can forward details of any meetings. Please follow us also on our Facebook page and regular updates will be on there as soon as they come avaliable. Thanks again kind regards Nicola Curzon

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