Film Project with Young People 13-21yrs

What an absolute cracking few weeks. I’ve had the privilege of being around some very inspirational young people aged 13-21yrs all with a common goal of performing, to entertain, have a safe place to create and to be themselves. No matter what their background or differences there’s a place that is accessible for all.

This group of young people are absolutely inspiring for the next generation. We’ve been chatting, filming and working with them for our collaborative project with JSI who run Bilborough Fest looking at what inspires the young people through their music and all the skills they have collected by working on music projects with the wonderful Josh Sims.

These young people are amazing. All the sound /set ups have been performed by the young people . We can’t wait to share the video with you all…coming soon!

Big shout out to Magelle, Ryan, Owen, Noa, Lowry and many more. They really do deserve your support !


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