Mark Nightingale – Flamenco guitarist

Flamenco – A Short Introduction to Listening to Flamenco Guitar

Born in Kirkby-in-Ashfield Mark is a musician and a composer. He studied drama at Guildford School of Acting and dance at Elmhurst Ballet School where he developed a lifelong passion for flamenco. After a number of years working as a professional actor he gravitated towards music.

As one third of spoken word and music trio The Fighting Nightingales, Mark plays the acoustic guitar as well as the mysterious twelve string touch-style stick guitar (affectionately known as The Beast). He has recently written music for The Hood Free Zone, 17th Century Tales podcasts, and the play An Evening with Professor Edvard Von Goosechaser (where he performed the role of Marco the Mute Musician). He once did a gig in a coffin factory.     

Join Mark on Sunday 4th July @7pm Link here


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