As we are not able to present our annual schools carnival with Cantrell School and City Arts as usual, City Arts looked at how other carnivals around the world have responded.   This year, was inspired by New Orleans, where float builders decorated houses in lots of different neighbourhoods, and the audiences had to walk the route to see them.  

Instead of the parade passing the audience, the audience passed the parade!  

Cantrell School invited three other schools to be part of the project for Bulwell Arts week. Cantrell, along with Rufford Primary School, Crabtree Farm School and Our Lady of Perpetual SuccourChildren have all worked with 3 amazing artist Sarah Turner , Rachel Scanlon and SaRena Kay to create an art work outside the school.  

The children have been looking at themes around nature, the environment and recycling, creating an installation out of recycled materials to tell an environmental story – Bulwell Blossoms.  

This map shows you the locations of the schools, and the installations will be up for the whole of Bulwell Arts Week for you to visit.   The whole route will take about an hour and a quarter to walk, so a nice day out with the family to see them all.   If you want to have a go.

All installation are easy accessible and easily viewable from the street.

A massive thank you to all the children and Teachers who got involved this year. The results are amazing!

If you do get inspired by any of the creations and want to have a go at home, the artists involved have made some short how to films with ideas of things to make at home, so you can create your own art work. Links to workshops can be found here!





Happy creating!


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