Bulwell Arts Week 2021

As we draw a close to this year’s festival I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has taken part. We had no idea what it would look like this year but I hope we’ve created something for everyone!

A massive Thanks to all the Artists, Musicians, Poets and new friends who have performed and created things especially for us. Our wonderful Artists who have led our school workshops, to the young people in our collaborative film project, Organisations, and of course you the community.

Our saying is ‘By the Community for the Community’ and although its been slightly different this year we have thrived once again with our collaborative schools Project ‘Bulwell Blossoms’ with City Arts, ChalleNGe Nottingham, Mighty Creatives, our 4 Schools and all the Children that have participated this year. The results of the project has been amazing and they have brought color back once again to Bulwell.

We hope to provide something for all ages but providing opportunities through creativity for our younger generation and investing in their mental health, their needs and giving them a chance to immerse themselves within all mediums of creativity can only help create a healthier and more balanced community.

I’ll leave with something I started with at the beginning of the week from Rick Hall from Ignite Futures, quoting a professor at Harvard University. ” There’s a spark in every child and it’s the responsibility of the adults around the children to find ways to ignite that spark.”

With Many thanks from the BAF Team and myself Nicola – Bulwell Arts Festival co ordinator. I will leave you with something that will make you smile! Thank you!


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