Bulwell Arts and Bilborough Fest Collaboration – short Music Project

A few weeks ago we teamed up with our friend Josh over in Bilborough.

We worked with a group of young people aged 13-21 years leading up to performing at Bilborough Fest- [A music concert dedicated to providing a platform for young musicians as well as anyone else wanting to perform ]

Anyway this is about young people, giving them a voice through music, giving them a safe place to create and a platform to share it with you all. And here it is. There is nothing more important than listening to each others needs but more importantly our young people. Please hear them.

Projects like this are so important. Whatever your background or whatever your needs are you can achieve what you want to do!

Thanks to all the young people who are so dedicated and eager to learn. They filmed it, lit it, starred in it and we are very proud of each and every one of them.


Our City On Mars Exhibition- Bulwell Library

I’ve just had the privilege to see the opening Exhibition for Our City on Mars project. On display at the Bulwell Riverside Library until Monday 12th July.

WOW WOW WOW! I can’t say any better than Rick Hall does here but the strength of the collaborative work from all involved just brings it home in one and why Ignite do what they do and why we ALL do what we do.

I will however reiterate the words from the professor of Education at Harvard University and quoted by Rick Hall. “There’s a spark in every child and it’s the responsibility of the adults around the children to find ways to ignite that spark.” They certainly do here!

A massive thank you to Rick Hall and Megan Shore and all @IgniteFutures. Linda Abbott, Cathy Mahmood @ChalleNGeNottm, Bulwell Councillors, Artist Rachel Scanlon @ArtyGirl21 and physics students from Nottingham Trent University.

Our forever friend and supporter Alex Norris MP @AlexNorrisNN @RebalanceNn Thank you!! and of course all the children and Schools Crabtree Farm, Bulwell St Mary’s, Rufford and Snape Wood Primaries.

Thanks to funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.



As we are not able to present our annual schools carnival with Cantrell School and City Arts as usual, City Arts looked at how other carnivals around the world have responded.   This year, was inspired by New Orleans, where float builders decorated houses in lots of different neighbourhoods, and the audiences had to walk the route to see them.  

Instead of the parade passing the audience, the audience passed the parade!  

Cantrell School invited three other schools to be part of the project for Bulwell Arts week. Cantrell, along with Rufford Primary School, Crabtree Farm School and Our Lady of Perpetual SuccourChildren have all worked with 3 amazing artist Sarah Turner , Rachel Scanlon and SaRena Kay to create an art work outside the school.  

The children have been looking at themes around nature, the environment and recycling, creating an installation out of recycled materials to tell an environmental story – Bulwell Blossoms.  

This map shows you the locations of the schools, and the installations will be up for the whole of Bulwell Arts Week for you to visit.   The whole route will take about an hour and a quarter to walk, so a nice day out with the family to see them all.   If you want to have a go.

All installation are easy accessible and easily viewable from the street.

A massive thank you to all the children and Teachers who got involved this year. The results are amazing!

If you do get inspired by any of the creations and want to have a go at home, the artists involved have made some short how to films with ideas of things to make at home, so you can create your own art work. Links to workshops can be found here!





Happy creating!


And we’ve landed! Our City On Mars – Ignite


Some photos from the installation of the Our City on Mars exhibition at Bulwell Riverside Library this morning. The exhibition will officially open tomorrow and will be in the library as part of the the Festival Week until Saturday 10th July.

You can see it from the windows to the library or you can go inside for a closer look!Exceptional work from year 6 pupils at Crabtree Farm, Bulwell St Mary’s, Rufford and Snape Wood Primaries, working with artist Rachel Scanlon and physics students from Nottingham Trent University.

Thanks to funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.


BAF21 3rd-10th July

A very scaled-back Festival this year, but plenty to get involved with online and see around Bulwell. links to all performances will be shared on our Facebook page and Website.

We have a Art Trail, Spoken word performances, Poetry evening, Storytelling and Dance workshop [Online], Music and much more.

If you love making things or would like to try something new be sure to tune in throughout the week with our ‘How to’ video’s – making things out of recycled materials. Be sure to tag us with your makes!…Happy Festival week


Anna Sharpe-Jones

Anna is a versitile Artist, working a variety of roles as a actor/theatre-maker, entertainer, writer/poet, workshop facilitator, singer and life model. She recently compiled her first series of spoken word/poetry into a show for Ashfield Arts Festival in May of this year and we are thrilled to welcome her and her work into our Festival. Her piece is titled: Between the Lines.

Join her here and on our Facebook page on Tuesday 6th at 7:30pm