Paul Turton ‘Bulwell Then and Now’ Exhibition

Following on from the success of last years photo exhibition and talk, Paul Turton will be back this year with even more “Bulwell Then & Now”.

The photos (old and new photos blended together) show how Bulwell has changed over the years. Ideal for all those Bulwellites or Bulwellians who remember the good old days, and also to those who can’t remember what was there before the KFC.

The exhibition will run throughout the festival at the Riverside library, 4th July – 12th July.

To accompany the exhibition there will  also be two talks  at the Riverside library; Monday 6th at 2pm and Friday 10th at 6pm. Where Paul will give some background to his collection of blended photos (now over 100) and also explain how the photos are done.

This is a FREE event!

Here and now 3 Here and now 2here and now 1


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