Art In Shop Windows

Bulwell has now become a gallery for the week! These wonderful Artists’ work are gracing many shop windows including;

Oasis Café and Charity Shop, Bowler and Charsley, Lech Polish Food, D I Blow, Hobsons and Yorkshire Bank, so if and when passing please take some time and have a look!

 The Artists are;

Katie Wadsworth 4615883549

Hannah Walker

Wendy Soo-Mawston

wendy 1wendy 2

Wendy Soo-Mawston is a freelance photographer with a love of cooking and photographing food. Wendy was a chef in London for a number of years with a passion for photography. With the variety of fruit and vegetable available in London, she decided to take pictures of food to see how appealing she could make them.
Wendy focussed on the beautiful vibrant colours and contrasted them on colourful plates and backgrounds. This set of photographs was exhibited at London’s City Airport as ‘The Close Exhibition’, which was well received.
Now living in Nottingham, Wendy concentrates on studio photography and photographing and raising her family.

wendy 3wendy 4wendy 5

All art work is for sale. Please ask inside for details.

Wendy would like to thank the Bulwell Arts Festival and Bowler and Charsley in supporting and displaying her art work.

Lord Biro

About Lord Biro

Satirical cartoons, drawings, illustrated poetry. I call it Post-secondary modernism. My inspiration comes from Donald McGill who painted the seaside postcards and Andy Warhol.

Lavina Fontaine


Malcolm Harby

Gill Turner

My name is Gill Turner I am currently studying for a BA in Fine Art at the University of Nottingham. My recent work is concerned with conflict under the heading ‘Keeping things in proportion’. Big conflicts represented in a small way be they internal, family, religious, border, capitalist. I also write and illustrate children’s books, and make stop/ start animations.11705439_10153501896577053_8987672583787016184_o


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