Mosaic Workshop

Monday 6 July. 21 people attended the workshop held in the polytunnel on Bulwell Forest Garden. There was a steady flow of people helping out, on average for 30-45 mins, and the flow of people worked really well. The sign is being finished off at further craft sessions in the coming weeks by local people who are all keen to continue the work. Feedback was great, and people particularly enjoyed the quiet pace and social aspect of the session.

11049562_878385028864794_8502967908520577525_n 11665662_876060925763871_7182293200659594619_n 11705051_878384988864798_3315891299211809840_n 11705216_876060982430532_7130090612343277749_n 11745401_878385002198130_459163637155360156_n


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